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KTSC is an integrated Textile Mill established in 1986 as a public enterprise with a design & attainable capacity of 22 & 18 million square meters of fabric per year respectively. The total investment was 220 million birr & now it has been reorganized and recognized as a share company since 1998.


By the granted 40 Million Dollar investment from the government of Ethiopia, the company has renovated its old production line by  a new technological Textile machineries and started production  in the 2010/2011 Budget year.

       This renovation project brings a new bright future for the company as well as for the Customers worldwide. the company has installed new and state of the art technology machineries, from  Spinning to  Processing lines and become one of the leading Textile manufacturer in Ethiopia. 

       The project also increases the diversification of the product specially wide bed sheet, terry towel and other fabrics with various sizes.

The company has accessed the need of the existing environment needs and make the working environment suitable by implementing the following systems in addition to  the new technology.

  •   ISO 9001: 2008
  •   ISO 14001:2004


             KTSC is committed to produce cotton products that meet customers' requirements through implementation of effective Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2000. KTSC strives to meet and exceed the dynamic customers' needs and expectations through continual improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management system on products and service quality.  We value our customers' feed back to continually improve our products and services quality, competitiveness and reputation.   

The top management ensures the involvement of stakeholders at all levels of the organization for the achievement of this quality policy and excellence in performance to attain the company objective and hence benefit all company's stakeholders.

Organization, Management & Manpower
            The overall activities of the company are managed & administrated by the G/Manager, who is assigned by & accountable to the Board of Directors Board members are appointee of the Public Enterprise Supervisory Authority with a responsibility of formality & setting policy, resolving policy issues & follow up of development programs etc
All functional departments and services are led & supervised by their respective Department Mangers & Service Managers who are directly reporting & accountable to D/G/Manager. This doesn't include the Audit Service who is directly reporting to the Board of Directors.

The G/Manager is assisted by the D/G/Manager, the department managers & service manager in formulating & revision of operational policies, exclusion of day-to-day activities, resolving of operational problems & preparation of operational plan, budget and establishment of medium & long term development programs.

The overall workforce engaged in the different activities of the company is more than 2000 (Permanent & Temporary) of which 58% are male & 42% female

In terms of level of education, there are professional, semi professionals and vocational & technical school complete. All employees have basic knowledge, which is sufficient enough to understand their current job requirement.


KTSC is an integrated textile mill, consisting machineries. In addition to the production machineries the company is also equipped with utility & auxiliary tools & equipments



  • Spinning has 13200 spindles at ring frame and its attainable capacity is processing 7000 tons of cotton to yield 6000 tons of yarn, for weaving consumption and market, per year working in 3 shifts.

The spinning section includes also the pre-spinning machineries such as Carding,Drawing,Openend the post spinning machineries such as the winding auto Conner, reeling and twisting machines

  • Weaving department has total of 223 looms fully automated type. This includes Versamat, Picanol, Sulzer & Dornier. It has annual designed capacity of 22 million square meters of fabrics working in 3 shifts. 
  •  This unit consists of continuous processing machineries which can wash, dry, dye and/or print. The annual attainable capacity of processing unit is 30 million square meters of fabrics & terry towel. The garment division produces Bed sheet, Terry Towel & Pillow case.
                         Major Inputs and consumption
 Lint cotton
  State & pvt. cotton farms
  7000 ton/annum
Furnace oil
  Oil company
  8500 ton/annum
 own steam generation plant
  26 ton/hr
 Compressed air
 Compressor plant
  Electric power
 Own wells
 Dye stuffs & chemical
 Local & import
Kombolcha Textile Share Company Direction and Map
kombolcha textile share company